BEST SCREENPLAY WINNER | Manchester Film Festival 2017

BEST ACTRESS WINNER | Sydney Independent Film Festival 2016

INDIE SPIRIT AWARD NOMINEE | Sydney Independent Festival 2016



“The last shot is one of the best I’ve seen in modern indies.” — BendFilm Festival

“Refreshing and artistically masterful” — Examiner

“Sharp, poignant look at mental health and the virtue of letting go.” - Write About Everything 

“Brilliant film. Gripping from the first frame. Heart-breaking and very human.” -

“Complex, gripping and thought-provoking” - Studio Salford

“Beautifully filmed in black & white, this engrossing character piece reveals itself, layer by layer, not allowing you to look away.” — Dances With Films

JOSEPHINE DOE is beautifully acted film and extremely well written.” - Humanity Hallows UK

JOSEPHINE DOE is a film that did something totally unique.” — Talking Pictures

“The cast is uniformly strong, the script subtle, and the pacing flawless.” — AMFM Magazine

“A masterfully crafted storyline whose characters you’ll fall in love with” — Examiner

“In JOSEPHINE DOE, we are treated to a moment that moved me hard... That alone would have kept me watching, but the undeniable power of the cinematography, glorious black-and-white, the marvelous acting, with the script that moved perfectly” — Klaus at Gunpoint

JOSEPHINE DOE impressed audiences with writer and co-star Erin Cipolletti’s understated portrayal of family trauma.” -MancunianMatters

JOSEPHINE DOE is one of the most insightful portraits of family trauma I’ve seen” — AMFM Magazine

JOSEPHINE DOE is indeed different – an honest, balanced and heart-wrenching film.” —

“With a relatively unknown cast and crew it is a marvelous effort. Michael’s work is worthy of high praise.” - For Lack of a Better Review

“Confident direction and a keen eye for the cinematic visual” — AMFM Magazine